Karen Travis

Karen Travis - Sales Executive

Karen Travis has been a successful broadcast marketing representative, manager and owner for over 30 years. She began her career working in radio and television in the Philadelphia, Cleveland and Boston markets. In 1983, she transitioned her expertise by helping to launch, develop and market the industry’s software standard for media analysis, Tapscan. Karen opened, staffed and managed its Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston offices and taught over 1,000 advertising executives how to create professional presentations, properly interpret and apply quantitative and qualitative ratings information (Arbitron, Scarborough, Media Audit, Simmons and MRI) to produce an effective advertising campaign for their clients and attain their selling or buying goals. In 1992, she became the President/CEO of her own broadcasting company, which owned and operated sixteen radio stations in small to medium markets. After 12 years of growth, she accepted an offer to sell the stations in 2004. 
In June of 2005, Karen joined Advantage Systems because she believes in its program’s ability to help business owners and the broadcast industry overcome its steep goal challenges, an aspect of the business she understands well as a former owner and manager. She also believes strongly in educating business owners in all forms of media, helping them to understand each media’s strengths and how to mix them properly. This is in an attempt to assist them with the challenges they face today in keeping their costs down while providing results and a good return on their investment.
Every professional media challenge Karen has ever accepted has involved growing the project from the ground up, turning it around and making it into a revenue winner. She has been a teacher and mentor to many marketing executives and small business owners, which she enjoys and finds very gratifying. Her program and teaching methods have helped bring effective marketing concepts, which aids them in more effectively and efficiently grow their profits.
Karen and her husband live in West Palm Beach, Florida. They have two children. Karen’s community interests have included serving as a board member of the Chamber of Commerce, service as an advocate and contributor to Battered Women’s and Children’s centers in her community and as a member of Rotary International.