Add voices to your stations and get your sellers back on the streets while your new advertisers get the red-carpet treatment!

Your advertisers will work with the award-winning team of Advantage Systems Creative to develop a “top-notch” branding commercial designed to get results. Advertisers have the option to upgrade to a custom jingle. Your stations will stand out with out-of-town voices and your sellers can get back to selling!

Turn-key Commercial Production

You can pass the baton to us and we’ll take great care of your advertisers! We handle walking them through the process, creating the commercial, getting their approval and all you have to do is put it on the air once it’s done.

Meet Your Advantage Team Lead Brand Manager Mark Balestra– Mark has done almost 10,000 brand interviews.  In his spare time, you will find him on stage rocking it or teaching kids how to play guitar.  Each summer he takes one week off to host a Rock and Roll Summer Camp. Mark’s one awesome guitar player and guy, and your clients will love working with him too! Click to watch the video below on how we ask the Million Dollar Question to get the most out of your client’s brand interview.

Improve Client Retention with Commercials Designed to Brand Their Business

During the interview process we will explore the Unique Selling Proposition that the advertiser needs to develop and define the “brand” their business would like to own in the consumers’ minds. The outcome is a commercial that will deliver high-impact results for your advertiser.

Your Stations and Advertisers Will Benefit: