Part of Our Family

“We’re fully locked in.  I look forward to our next 14 years together.  Tony, Ryan Jess, Mike P and the entire Advantage Team are such an important part of our family.”

Dave, Vice President/Director of Broadcast

Presentation Hit The Nerve

“The people who came really wanted help and the presentation hit the nerve very well.”

Terry, Chief Revenue Officer

Awesome Team

“My favorite thing about Advantage is hearing the results [my first-year clients] are getting and seeing their business grow and knowing I’m a part of that because of this awesome team we are working with.”

Steve, Account Executive


“Both from a station and an account manager view, it gives you that security you know going into the month you have that block of business both in inventory as well as billing and it allows you to honestly say to advertisers our inventory is getting tight, if you buy month to month you got to lay your business in now because we are already at 80%”

Andy, Vice President/General Manager

15-20 New Annual Accounts

“The number 1 reason to like Advantage is it is the best forced prospecting system I’ve ever seen in this industry.  It’s very simple and we do it every year to the tune of a minimum of 15 to 20 new annual accounts every year.”

Gary, General Manager

In All Of Our Markets

“We have the Advantage Plan in all of our markets.  Your system works for us!  We love it!  That’s why I personally recommend the program.  All you have to do is follow the instructions and you get great results.  Thanks for helping us grow our business.”

Art, President