Meet Your Advantage Team

You won’t find a team more passionate about what they do.


Mike LoConte

President and Owner

Plain and simple, I know it works. I know from my years in sales. I know from my years as the owner of a business. My passion is showing you how it can work for you; and helping make your business more successful.

Tony Olesh

CFO/VP of Operations

We don’t just want clients, we want partners in success. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a one-year business contract evolve into decades of friendship; that’s what makes it all worth it for me.


Keith Fader

I believe so strongly in the power of mass media, I see the reps’ passion, I see small business owners wanting to strive and prosper and I love that I get to tell that story.

Dave Loconte

I am results driven, and so is The Advantage Plan program! In fact, it has provided our valued clients with results for the past 23 years. Seeing client partnerships lasting for decades is a testament to our dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Jeff Schatz

I love helping Media Managers and AE’s realize their full potential and elevating their sales revenue and incomes. I also love working with the clients to help them become more effective at marketing their businesses.

Mark Squires

Passion, excitement, and sharing a simple formula that can bring business owners, sales reps and station management more money and continued success is what really makes it all worthwhile.

Karen Travis

I love producing results- seeing a light go on with a newbie, seeing a senior rep light up, seeing a client have that V8 moment…seeing a positive end result is what fires me up!

Loren GoodLoren

Marketing, Positioning, Branding, Communicating…
I work with media companies, helping them leverage all their assets to make their audiences the prospect’s customers.

Your Advantage Support Team

When it comes to preparing for your first Advantage Plan program, you will find our support team is second to none. You will find it very easy!

Mark Balestra

Every customer and every business has a story to tell. Talking to you, learning about you and your story, and helping create your story makes what some might call a job, for me, a great way for me to spend my day.

Rebecca Boyette

I just love helping clients get their start in the process; and, showing stations and their Advantage clients how easy it all really is. I’m proud that a simple phone conversation can help make the pathway to their success even easier.

Ryan Henson

Our relationship doesn’t stop when we complete the project. Being here to answer questions and help our stations and their advertisers through every aspect of their Advantage Plan experience makes every day at work a pleasure.

Maddie Brickley

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Helping create your message (using pictures), telling your story and sending it to thousands of your potential customers makes for a great workday—everyday!

Jessica “Jett” Hill

Yes, we can do that! Finding the solution, answering the questions, combining traditional with digital media and showing how it all works for YOU gives me the best workday anyone can possibly ask for.

Gene Filiaci

Every business has a personality, a sound, a look. Creating a message that fits what you represent, and putting it in front of thousands of new potential customers, even friends, makes for the best job anyone can ask for.