Business professionals have increased respect for you after seeing the presentation; they feel you are now their partner in success- not just another media person trying to sell them something. Your Advantage Plan program, from the presentation to the advertiser agreements, is designed to showcase you in a very professional light and establish your company as the marketing experts in your market.

Our new Advantage Plan Presentation is high-tech and focused on your client.  It’s more interactive, more informative, and more about marketing.  It’s not like any presentation you’ve seen before…
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Advantage Plan Benefits

New and Incremental Business Development

Annual Commitments That Increase Monthly Base Billing

Minimize Lost Inventory

Sales Training and Development

Turnkey Interactive Solutions for Your Advertisers

Database of Prospects in Your Market

Our system for developing the database has been sharpened to target more decision makers who can afford an annual advertising campaign. The database we provide to you will include prospects from non-traditional categories who will find success with the Advantage Plan. These are prospects you are probably missing right now.

Sales Training on How To Get The Appointment

Your staff will learn how to set up appointments with prospective clients. This training is invaluable as it allows them to more effectively manage their time and see more clients. A great benefit to them after the Advantage Plan has finished!

Your Local Plan

Advantage Systems tailors the package to ensure reach and frequency that makes the Advantage Plan work for the advertiser without compromising your inventory.

• Annual Commitment

• Interactive Element Included

• Production Included

• Support Local Business Initiative

• Impulse Pricing

• Signing Bonus for Immediate Signatures

Advantage Plan Presentation

Our presentation is at the core of transforming the way you sell advertising time. It simplifies the marketing process and makes it easy and affordable for new advertisers to buy advertising the right way.

Here are some of the topics covered in our presentation:

• Branding and Awareness

• Advertising to Achieve Awareness

• Reach and Frequency

• How To Use Traditional with New Media

• A Complete Branding Solution

• The Advantage Plan


We have worked with radio, television, cable, newspaper and Yellow Pages. We will customize the Advantage Plan presentation to fit the needs of your company and your advertisers. Call us to discuss how we can put The Advantage Plan to work for you! Visit The Advantage Plan’s website to see how it is presented to your advertisers.