Speed Marriott

Speed Marriott - Sales Executive

Speed Marriott began his career in broadcasting over 30 years ago as a copywriter. He quickly discovered that copywriters drove cars from the previous decade, while account executives drove cars from the current decade. Based on this revelation the move was made to sales and he has never looked back. In 1981 Speed joined the sales department of Shamrock Broadcasting (Disney) and began a 13+ year relationship with the company in Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Denver. "The Shamrock experience was invaluable in my development as a manager. The company philosophy put an emphasis on both personal and professional growth, I had the opportunity to learn from the best and the brightest in the business." Other experiences include GSM for South Central Communications' WIMZ-FM and WJXB-FM Knoxville. 
After six years on the road in radio, Speed returned to his hometown Kansas City and assumed responsibility as Director of Sales for Entercom's seven-station cluster. By year two of his tenure as DOS both revenue and market share doubled. While at Entercom, Speed was a three-year customer of Advantage Systems. Because of his belief in the program, he joined the Advantage Systems team in August of 2000. Speed has now been a part of the Advantage team for over 15 years. In that time he has implemented 200+ Advantage projects from Anchorage, Alaska to Lima, Peru...generating well in excess of $40 Million dollars in new and direct revenue for his clients.
In 2007, Speed partnered with broadcaster Katey McGuckin Woolam to found P1 Sales Systems LLC an on-line broadcast training campus with over 1,000 Radio and Television subscribers in the United States and Canada.
Speed earned a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Central Missouri. Professionally he has earned both CRMC, CRSM designation and has completed a variety of training programs including CSS, Disney's Service Magic, War College and the NAB Executive Management course at Georgetown.