Dave Loconte

Dave Loconte - Sales Executive

Dave Loconte specializes in training sales teams to become better prospectors, sellers and closers. Early in his career, Dave observed the top performers in business were focused and driven. Most important of all however, he recognized they had a plan. Emulating those skill-sets has proven extremely valuable to Dave in his sales management career and has helped him to become an accomplished trainer and facilitator. Before joining the Advantage Systems team, Dave was President of Advantage Training Solutions, where he helped develop and enhance the leadership skills of sales reps and managers from small local businesses to multi-national giants.
Dave is a 25-year veteran in the sales and sales management arena. Starting his career in inside sales, he quickly moved up the management ranks of a multi-billion dollar, multi-national firm based in Atlanta, GA. As Vice-President of Distribution Sales, Dave's business unit consistently ranked #1 in company revenue and profit, with annual sales of over $100 million. Over the course of his sales and management career, Dave has motivated and trained hundreds of salespeople. Dave believes the fundamental success of a salesperson, lies not in what the client can bring to you, but rather what you can bring to your valued client.