Keith Fader

Keith Fader - Sales Executive 

Keith Fader started in Radio right out of college.  He hit the streets with the goal of entering every “Mom and Pop” operation in Southern New Jersey and made that the centerpiece of his sales philosophy.  Over the course of his years as an Account Executive, Keith’s business grew and, with it, the profile of his clients.  No matter how many big advertisers and agencies he added, he never forgot about the “small” businesses.  In his mind, those are the advertisers who help you get through the tougher times when big businesses and agencies can cut their radio budgets without notice.

After 5 years, Keith was promoted to Sales Manager of WAYV-FM in Atlantic City, N.J.  In the 13 years that followed, his role grew from managing only 1 station with a handful of reps to the General Sales Manager of Equity Communications’ 9 station cluster with 15 plus Account Executives.  Keith helped grow Equity’s revenue to over $8 million annually.

Keith was first introduced to the Advantage Systems program in 2003.  The first project generated over $1 million dollars in NEW LOCAL DIRECT BUSINESS!  Equity continued to do the plan 3 more years in a row and billed over a million dollars in business with each program.  Keith has seen first-hand what this program can do.  Keith joined the Advantage Systems team in March of 2008.   In just over 6 years with the company Keith has executed over 100 programs throughout the United States.  He has trained thousands of sales reps and has presented to thousands of business owners in small, medium and large markets.  It does not matter the geographic location, Keith will adapt to that area and the station's sales culture.  Keith has formed many friendships with owners, managers and business owners in every market.  Keith is a total team player and thanks his own incredible support staff at Advantage Systems for his success in this industry.  Keith was recognized by Advantage Systems and named rep of the year for 2013/2014.   Keith will be instrumental in consulting, motivating and training your sales team, as well as presenting an incredible program to local business owners and helping to CLOSE a ton of NEW LOCAL DIRECT BUSINESS for you.  Give him a call today OR one of the many managers that have Keith on their sales team.