Larry Cain

Larry Cain - Sales Executive

Larry Cain is a 28+ year radio and business pro.  He’s spent well over 4,000,000+ minutes of his life in radio, management and ownership; working with over 30,000 businesses and successful sales reps across the U.S. and Canada.  
He started in 1986 as an announcer in Strasburg, VA and quickly moved into sales, leadership and management.  He became a top sales and management performer in markets like Washington, D.C., Knoxville, TN, Ft. Wayne, IN and Winchester, VA.  He’s won numerous awards for management, ownership, sales as well as voice-over work.  He has been asked to speak both nationally as well as internationally at numerous sales conferences and conventions.

He started working with Advantage Systems in 1998 doing his first project for the stations he managed in Winchester, VA (a 3,000 watt FM and an AM station with no ratings….really ZERO)…..$195,000 later (nearly 50+% of the stations’ annual local budget) Larry was hooked!  In 1999, he left the day-to-day management arena, purchased his own local advertising businesses as well as a motorsports park with his wife, Karla and went to work as a presenter for Advantage Systems. 

Larry brings a thorough broadcast, marketing, business and ownership background to each project he facilitates. You won’t find someone with more passion, creativity or a person who is more fun to work with, just ask his many successful, long-term clients! 

As Larry says, “The Advantage process is doing radio RIGHT!  Put the RIGHT clients on the RIGHT radio stations/platforms (combining radio and digital), craft the RIGHT creative approach and then run it the RIGHT number of times (on a long-term, consistent basis).”   Couple this with the 24/7/365 training for your entire staff with Advantage Systems University, our "Think Local Business First" campaign and you have a turn-key process for generating more new business than your competition.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’ll get results and meet as well as exceed the expectations for your advertisers!!!

Don’t make it any more complicated than that!  Just work our PROVEN process and then sit back enjoying the results for years to come!  It’s a win/win/win synergy (for you, your clients and your staff) because that’s the only way we ALL win and why we are #1 at what we do!

“Success comes before work only in the dictionary” so let the Advantage Systems team get things in the right order for you!!!!