Radio Groups Are Successfully Generating Revenue NOW During A Pandemic  

 Is this the right time to do a program?
“The  Advantage Systems presentation, was uniquely positioned for coming out of COVID, and, in our case was perfectly timed because it is the answer to helping these businesses ramp up faster” 
-Dave Glass, Vice President/Director of Broadcast of Findlay Publishing Company
What results can you expect?  
“The results were phenomenal, given the circumstances, we had strong attendance and the people that came were very interested, [they] were looking for solutions, and ideas about how to get their business back on track”
-Frank Lischak, Vice President of Sales for Finger Lakes Radio Group
Are people actually committing to buy right now? 
“It was one of our highest closing ratios ever”
-Alan Bishop, owner Finger Lakes Radio Group and 15-year veteran of the Advantage Systems program
 Are you a cow or a bison? 
“In a storm, cows run away from the turbulence, while bison run through it to get to the other side.  We are the bison” 
-John Wharff, President Jawco Inc.

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Michael Pallini