Offering interactive products to your advertisers will really set you apart from the competition. The advertisers will see you are their marketing partner and will reward you with their loyalty. It will create additional income and revenue from new and existing customers and reduce early 
cancellations of annual commitments.

Added Digital Revenue 

Each Advantage Plan comes with an interactive component. Advantage Systems Interactive works with the advertiser to deliver the product, while you add revenue to your digital budget.  We also have a program available where you can sell our digital products every day.

Higher Comfort Level Selling Digital 

After The Advantage Plan Presentation, your AEs will better understand how to sell interactive and digital products and feel more comfortable doing so!

We offer a wide variety of interactive services tailored to meet the needs of most local direct advertisers.


Featured Interactive Service: Online Display Advertising

Brand Booster



We recommend including a 2 month Brand Booster Online Display Advertising with each Advantage Plan to extend the advertiser's message online and reinforce their message.  Our Brand Booster comes with the ability to target by location (geotargeting), demographics and interests (behavorial targeting) PLUS can follow anyone who visits the advertiser's websites.  We find pairing online display with a traditional campaign is a powerful one two punch that garnishes better results for the local advertiser.

Watch this short video to learn more about Brand Booster:


Advertisers can also choose from the following services:

Text Messaging: Permission-based Mobile Marketing

Search Engine Optimization: Improve Your Organic Search Rankings 

Listing and Reputation Monitor: Correct and Manage Your Online Presence 

Review Accelerator: Gather Feedback From Your Customers

Social Media: Facebook Page Design and DIY Social Media Management

Responsive Websites: Websites That Look Great On All Devices


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