How It Works



GOAL:  Add 10-15% of your Annual Local Sales Budget in a 7 day period.  

STRATEGY:  Your sales team will invite hundreds of local businesses to a workshop we will host on behalf of your media group. The workshop is designed to teach owners of small businesses how to best market their business using traditional media and interactive media. The presentation works up to the conclusion that a 12 month program with your media group is the best solution to build brand awareness.  Click here to learn how The Advantage Plan program can build your base revenue for the next 12 months.

MYTH- This is high-pressured seminar sales that will leave a bad impression with local businesses and keep my sellers off the street for too long.

FACT- Our presentation is highly regarded by the businesses who attend.  While there is a limited time frame to take advantage of the Advantage Plan, we’ve found those who don’t buy the Advantage Plan right away will often become your client in the near future. Your sales team will learn invaluable skills to help them become better prospectors and better closers.  For many AEs, Advantage makes their year!



GOAL:  Increase both sales and digital revenue by providing digital solutions to up sell your current clients and help find new clients.

STRATEGY:  You can become a digital agency- without all of the digital work.  Our interactive division, Advantage Systems Interactive (ASI), will train your sales staff on how to sell digital and will handle all the delivery and support once you sell it.

MYTH- I can’t compete with other media companies who have their own in-house digital plus my sellers don’t know how to sell digital.

FACT- With ASI handling all of the training, delivery and support, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.



GOAL: Grow revenue and increase client loyalty by offering professional marketing services from consultation to production of custom pieces like jingles, websites and other branding components.  

STRATEGY:  Michael Pallini, author of "Courting the Customer," will meet individually with your clients.  If they agree to a predetermined commitment, he will take them through a marketing brainstorm, determine their marketing direction, and ultimately produce their jingle, commercials and interactive elements.  Our billing can go through you or directly to the client.  You have the opportunity to up-charge for the products we are producing or include them in an annual commitment to your station(s).  It is simple and turnkey. 

MYTH- This is just another jingle program.

FACT- We work individually with each client to fully brand their business- from jingle to website, from logo to videos- and they will appreciate you for that!